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Real Love is Forever [entries|friends|calendar]
Happiness is a Warm Gun

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This is to all the people throughout my life who thought I was being socially "awkward." [10 Sep 2010|08:58am]

Caring for your Introvert.

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My dream has come true. [11 Jun 2010|11:35am]

I JUST BOUGHT FREAKIN" FRONT ROW TICKETS TO FREAKIN" PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Epic weekend part 1 [26 May 2010|12:45pm]
 Hello again.* this post is a book, word of warning*  I thought I would share what happened with me this past Saturday. I got to leave Dicks *sporting goods* at 2... which I hardly get off Saturdays b/t/w, and headed torward Charleston, Sc. Now if you've never been to Charleston you should go its a grande experience. We went to Urban Oufitters and Scott bought some flip flops and I bought Bon Iver's records and we tried to figure out what to eat for dinner. Instead of going to Justine's Kitchen * a great little hole in the wall restraunt  that has been in charleston since the late 1800's, that people wait in a line outside since there are only like 15 tables inside, the tables have different cute salt and pepper shakers on the table, cucumber slices that are incredible instead of the usual bread, and the waiters and waitresses all wear jean shirts, great country styled food that has been presented in Oprahs magazine.* we ended up going to Bubba Gumps of all places haha... we had to shovel our food since swell season started at 7 and it was already 6:30 and we were on the other side of town. After getting a bit turned around thanks to exit ramps that take you into a whole different direction, we finally made it to the Coliseum where the Swell Season would be performing. We get our tickets at will call and walk into the lobby where there are still people sitting and standing around... leaving me totally confused since I thought they would already be on the stage... why is everyone still in the lobby? Scott was of course no help, everytime I asked him "Are they on yet?" or " They must not have started right?" Scott in his joking mood said," I don't know are they.....insert mischevious grin* I found out, with no help from scott, that they hadn't in fact gone on yet, the doors just opened at 7 and they come out at 8.After buying a t-shirt and their album on record with some fabulous pictures that Marketa and Glen took of each other, we went ahead and sat down, our seats really weren't that far off from the stage and we were in the middle and could see everything. There were no opening acts for Swell Season, and even after 8 there were still tons of people coming in to sit down and watch the show, they didn't start until 8:11 and the first one out on acoustic guitar was Marketa who has a perfect voice and a really cute new short haircut. Glen came out with hair just like in Once along with his Once famous guitar. Glen said they were excited to be back in Charleston like they were 2 years ago, and last time they had a day off where they went and ate at Justine's Kitchen and had a fun day at the beach. This time their concert was at North Charleston which means there's really nothing there, just looks like your average town... so when they pulled in to the Coliseum they were like....oh...........*not excited* The Swell Season was pretty more than swell, pretty amazing, that drive and love for music and raw voice that Glen and Marketa so displayed in Once is just a glimpse of how talented they really are. They sang most of their songs from their new album The Swift Joy and of course they played many songs from Once including of course "Falling Slowly." They played many songs that are brand new and most people haven't heard yet and many songs they played Glen would stop and tell a story of their origin. Glen said for one song they got the idea from a couple in Ireland that were spiritualist, you know those people that conjure up spirits to let them know they are loved so they can finally have peace and go to the world beyond. Glen said one day they were conjuring up spirits and her husband went into a trance and his wife could tell that he had a spirit within him and she asked who are you? And the spirit in her husband said "We are the Darkness." and she was frightened and the spirit left her husband. They were ashamed that they had been frightened of the spirit since they were trying to help it. A few days later suddenly the spirit got into her husband again but this time she talks to it and again it says " We are the Darkness." They were acctually two spirits that were from 14th century Ireland that were put to death because they were deformed and in that time people considered them cursed or demons. They said they had been walking in total darkness for centuries until one day they saw 2 specs of light and they walked torwards it for years and years and when they finally got to it they could the spiritualist wife, the specs were her husbands eyes. They told them they were loved and they did finally go to the world beyond. After finishing one of their songs people would randomly call out a question to Glen so Glen was like " Ok ya'll wanna have question and answer time??? So he stopped what everyone was doing and was like ok Does anyone have any quesitons? And one person from the crowd raised her hand, " Is that the guitar from Once?" He said yes it is. Next question, "How long have you had the guitar? Glen said he got it 20 years ago after a film he did, he used the money to get it and it's very soft wood so and he had to play loud when singing on the streets so that's why there is a big hole in it, but he said it's like an old shoe it's so comfortable you never want to get a new pair. They asked if they would be back and they are coming back to Atlanta. anyway the whole thing was kind of ridiculous and rather amusing. Glen asked the crowd why there were these black planes that kept flying around and around the coliseum. He was like is there an air force base here or *kind of freaked out tone of voice* Not......" And some chick from the crowd said they were C 30's or some kind of plane type and he put his hand to his ear to hear her and he obviously couldn't hear her and was like..." I don't know... Speedo's ???????" got a big laugh from the crowd. The violinist in the band, Marja Tuhkanen, was amazing and everyone else went off the stage while he played his own song off his own albumn of this one beautiful old irish song that he kept looping as he was playing. They played for an hour and a half and then left.... and then came back on for their encore that ended up being 6 songs. Glen played acoustic without anyone mic or anything one of the songs he played on the street in Once and belt it out as much as he could which I can't believe the man still can talk let alone sing after he does belts it out like that. Marketa played a beautiful song that is new alone on stage, there's not much to say about Marketa she is just perfect in everything she does it makes you sick and she's only 22?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *throw up* They also played the song in Once at the dinner where everyone sings, they said they loved that song so much that they made up that scene in the movie to play it. The most memoriable and truely moving moment in the concert was the last encore song they played, they start off playing a song called " Red Chord" and end with an old irish song called " The Parting Glass" that really brought out Glen's irish accent. The Parting glass was usually sung at funerals in Ireland and the last line of it says " Good night and joy be with you all," Glen made the crowd repeat it and sing it with him every time it was sung and it was one of those perfect moments when the crowd was still and an old irish song was heard and Glen said that everyone has a song in them and it's important for everyone to keep singing so the songs can be passed down. He thanked the crowd for letting us be a part of this night and this moment and  Glen sang the first verse one more time and the last words "Good bye and joy be with you all" echoed in the hearts of everyone there. So on that note I will leave you with a video of them doing "The Parting Glass." 
Good night and joy be with you all.
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[26 May 2010|10:08am]
 Hi.....remember me? Ok time for update on Kendra's life so you all * the two of you...* if it's that many... are caught up. I moved to Columbia, South Carolina in a town called Irmo, better known called "the place with stuff." It's a bit of a change from Columbus, I can walk to the mall, barnes and noble, olive garden... just about anywhere you can think of. It also has the beach feel, there are places randomly around the area that has sand on the ground and palmettos everywhere. I finally got my degree from the W with Speech Path and a minor in English, i have yet got to touch it yet since my mother went to go pick it up. My "plan" is to go to USC, i realize I haven't been in Speech Path classes for a year now and need to brush up on everything so I want to take or retake a few classes, but the only way I can do that is by getting a degree in something else but also take those classes since that's the only way I can get a student loan, so I think I've decided on doing French. Regardless I will only be doing this for a year, by that time Scott will graduate and we'll go to grad school together.... I have no clue where yet but I have a feeling it will be West Virginia. All i really do here is work my 2 jobs at Curves and Dicks sporting goods, i really do like everyone i work with in both jobs but i will have to give one of them up when i start school, still can't decide which. The only two places here that I venture a lot to is the Cupcake shop called...*drum roll* Cupcake www.freshcupcakes.com/ and the Richland County Library downtown that has got to be the coolest library i've ever seen in my life. I wish I could find a picture to show it's awesomeness when you first walk in the door. The library has 5 stories, the bottom one is an art gallery and the 2nd story that you walk into has the fiction section and a room where you can borrow any movie or show you can think of for free and you can also borrow wii games for free but them iz slim pickins. The cool 2nd picture is is when your at the bottom looking up that's how the floors look. I really really need to get a camera, my other one that i never really liked kinda died, i've been thinking about getting the olympic camera that can go under water. anyway, now you've caught up a little bit with moi.
Remember Keep Smiling!

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FINALLY!!!! [30 Mar 2009|10:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


And I got my tickets to Elvis Perkins in Dearland!!!!!!!!!!

Remember Keep Smiling!

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Hey Jude [30 Oct 2008|06:52pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I present to thee, Jude Tyler Clemmons. My new nephew, first one, born Sunday the 19th of this October month at the hour of 12:35pm. Big occassion since I never even thought my older sister would spawn. As many of you know i'm a bit peeved by the name Jude, since that of course is what I wanted to name my kid,*since of course I'm a HUGE MEGA Beatles Nerd*  if hypothetically I ever had a said kid, but totally not the point they knew I wanted it and named him that anyway... grumblecakes... BUT I love him to death and he's even cuter and even more frightened by the camera that as it looks in this picture. I've told them I'm naming my kid Jude anyway, so I win.  He was 7 ibs, 9 ounces, the measurements I don't remember, but no point really it makes him sound like they just caught a fish anyway. I know what your thinking, Why the crap does he have MSU beanie on, as though i must support msu I guess since I live in the state *not voluntarily* your right he should have a Tennessee Volunteers beanie on, never fear we are getting him one as soon as we find one, so you can all breathe a big sigh of relief. Now off to go an be some what productive being at work, and of course studying for audiology since I have not 1 but 2 tests next week and still am not able to watch freakin' Children of Dune! argh....

Remember Keep Smiling!

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:) [20 Sep 2008|09:23am]
I wonder who I should take with me......... *cough* Hayley *cough*!!!

or if all else fails maybe i'll take the really creepy Mitoro guy who liked my hair.......

I keed I keed!

Remember Keep Smiling!
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How am I supposed to love you, if you don't let me? [28 Aug 2008|03:34pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hey Kids!!!!,

Yes, it moi, zee Kendra! So much to post aboot! I started school yet again. *woot, and boo* :
Mon/Wed/Friday   9-9:50 English Literature 2 
                                11-11:50 Language Disorders
Mon/Wed                12:30-1:45 Yoga *ouchies* 
Tu/Th                      8:00-9:15 Basic Clinic 
                                 9:30-10:45 Diagnostics
                                 12:30-1:45 Intro. to Audiology
I'm pretty happy with my schedule this semester. "Supposedly" Intro to Audiology is my only difficult class. We shalt see. My little sis is going to the same college as me this semester, which has acctually been better than expected. She's acting more, erm, "normal" is probaly the best way I can put it. She has a lot of problems with her schedule, but got them all figured out and is now taking 2 art classes. I'm pretty excited for her, this is her passion, and I know she'll rawk at whatever she does. 

I also started a bible study every Tuesday called 7:33. The youth minister told a story about someone a girl I knew who was kind of one of those popular/fake/ i still have memories of her when we were in high school who would go smoking and drinking and who knows what else. He started talking about how God lead him to talk to her but he didn't, and he regretted it until the one day that he saw her again, and when he did talk to her again she had already been gloriously saved. Now when he first said her name, in my head I was thinking, " O! It's just her, well she's done that before, she probaly hasn't changed at all." But then I started thinking about what I just said to myself, and realized, why couldn't I give her a benefit of a doubt?!?! If God saved me, why couldn't he save someone else? Why couldn't I believe that someone could change? So I'm working on the belief that other people can change, of course I know why I thought that. I've grown up with a very close friend who got BADD into drugs, and he kept telling me over and over, O he's done, he's quit, he won't do that again. Only for me to yet again be dissappointed because he really hasn't changed anything about his life. But we all suffer from that. It just made me realize once again how much God can really change someone. Sorry for that rant. Just thought I'd share since it's bee so flippin' long since I posted. 

O! and I saved a kitty from the side of the road. The kitty had a bad wound on her neck and when I opened my cat carrier, the kitty crawled in on its side, sideways. We gave it a comfortable, one night stay at our house and then took it to the humane society the next day. I hope that can help the kitty and give it a nice home. (and if they don't I"m gonna go down there and kick somebody.....) *cough*  

I got everything worked out today with my teachers about my families upcoming trip to the Florida Keys Sept.7-14th. * I iz SOOOOO CITED!!!* I haven't been there since I was 15. I can't wait to get sun burned because of snorkeling and scuba diving all day with the fishies!!!! And of course Mom is going to get the smart machines for the business the week we're gone.*Have Fun Pregnant Dana! * 

Hope everybody has a lovely week.
Remember Keep Smiling!

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Cries of the Righteous Heart [30 Jul 2008|11:46pm]

The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. 
The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as to be of a contrite spirit. 
Many are the afflications of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.
He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.
Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.
The Lord reedmeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.
~Psalm 34:17-22

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Hope [30 Jul 2008|10:23pm]
Be in prayer for my family. We are going through a really really rough time right now. Today was already a really rough day for me, totally bombed an open notebook test, or I'm pretty sure I did, bumped my head I can't tell you how many times, have an exam tomorrow, and because I bombed the other one I of course am panicking about this one... Bomb finally dropped when I got home tonight. My parents have been going through a constant battle of selling Curves or not. Curves at this moment is $40,000 in the hole. We have never owned a business before, and would have been fine if it weren't for certain credit cards and late payments that we thought we payed. The ladies love it, I love it. They really are good businesses to have, but how we're we supposed to know that tons of competition would come into town. My mother was convinced that the smart machines* state of the art equipment that no other fitness anything has* would save Curves, and us. I didn't know this, none of the family did, but my mother decided to spend the down payment of about $1000 for the smart equipment out of the family funds without the father's approval. I can understand why she did it though. Through talks of money of any kind, my father does the same thing, yells at mom and tells her it's her fault about everything and goes in his room and doesn't say a word to her for days. Because of this, for the past few years anything having to do with money, be it a bounced check or worse, mom hides it from dad. I don't want to act like I'm choosing sides, my dad has to be hurting too. Dad is not one to talk to it about anyone. Mom has the daughters. Dad has no one, becase he's always chosen that. I don't know what to do. Mom has already set up her bed in my room. I'm scared to death, I don't know what's gonna happen. God help us. I'm hoping that comfort will come in the morning.
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It's been a hard day's night [28 Jul 2008|10:06pm]

First of all may I say that the Directors Cut for Legend sucks, compared to the Tangerine Dream version. 
Second, I'm in a pickle.... Earlier today my friend Ellenora didn't have anyone to share a dorm with, I've wanted to be in the dorms to move out of my house for awhile, and who better than someone I know and is in most of my classes? I asked my mom, and she said I could, so long as I can get everything worked out. Well I thought everything was, all I had to do from my end was fill out an application form and give them $100 down payment. I swear my mother said she would take the pookie to school in the mornings, but then found out mom couldn't... So Kacie either has to get her lisense... or get in a dorm, both options looking plenty slim. My father, who I thought would be all for it, is totally againist it, saying that it's a waste of money since I live so close to the school anyway. Which I could understand, but he doesn't understand my need of living on my own. Not to mention I dont' want to be responsible for getting Kacie to class on time, or the fear that she'll make me late. I hate the end of this week to decide, if I'm gonna get a dorm anyway, or if I'm just gonna forget the whole mess and stay at home with my family who gives me no rest. and be in prayer for my test and exam this week... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Remember Keep Smiling!

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The continuing story of a quack who has gone to the dogs. [27 Jul 2008|09:55pm]
Today has been sort of unproductive. But very much needed. I have till Thursday and then I'm finally off for my "summer," which will consist of almost 2 weeks. As Kacie and I were bored today, we got a call and very pregnant Dana came over! We were supposed to swim but it stormed today, so the rest of the family just sat around and watch the 2nd Season of the Muppet Show all flippin' day... * and it's still on in the background as a matter o' fact* And later we're gonna watch Legend, the extended version!  It's just lovely to have a nice family day. Dana decided to give the dog, Zero, ANOTHER squeaker toy to help the dog annoy me when Dana isn't here to do it. And exciting news of the day, I finally got to feel the baby kick!!!! 
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Papaw [18 Jul 2008|10:02pm]

I remember me sitting in my little, yellow lifeguard chair that I sat beside you every morning and throughout the day, while you read the paper. Our fun times in the basement when you let me paint and hammer random pieces of wood together, when you made me a finger puppet theater, and when you made me my wonderful cardboard barbie house. Us playing games together, like Monopoly and Crazy Eight's * my favorite card game because it was the game we played.* You had the biggest vegetable garden i've ever seen and you had the best red tomatoes i've ever tasted and you loved cantaloupe*yuck* and watermelon *which you would bring to every family occasion*. I remember you would call me "Sweetie Pie." How it was so easy to make you laugh so hard till you were red in the face and how Kacie and I would tease you about chasing after younger ladies. You would always take me somewhere out to eat and to the mall every time I came and visited and we would walk all around the mall and sit with your buddies and you would say " This is my Grandaughter." How you danced with me at Michelle's wedding and I've never seen you smile so big. I remember how you always wanted a Mercedes. I remember your favorite story in the world to tell, when you met Grandma. You thought you were gonna loose her and when your heart got ripped out you dugg a grave-sized hole, you woud chose death then to live a life without her. Only to get through college and spend the rest of your life and your 69 years of marriage together. I remember your hands that always seemed to have blemishes and sores that were my favorite hands to hold. I remember when you took Kacie and I fishing and we went and swam in the green lake. I remember the coolest magnets ever that I bought for you that you still keep to this day on the fridge. I remember the chair that I used to hide behind and play peek-a-boo with you while you were trying to watch tv. You shared my love and joy of british comedies like Keeping up Apperances, Are you Being Served?, and you and grandma's favorite As Time Goes By, we never missed them when they came on. I remember when you and I would sit and watch the squirrels all day. I remember when you would ride the lawnmower and let me ride on your lap. You always had collar shirts with an animal on the side and the sweaters you would always wear, not to mention your amazing hats. You came to every single one of my plays and told me "You're gonna be a great actress someday." He always used to think I looked like Julia Roberts. You used to take me to the aquarium and you always let me go back and watch the otters for however long I wanted. I'm so thankful I got to spend all those times with you and more. I hope one day my heart will start aching, and I stop being so selfish as to wish you were still here with me. Me: "Papaw, am I you're favorite person in the world?" *bats eyelashes* Papaw: " Yes, your my favorite but don't tell the others." Me: " I love you Papaw." Papaw: " I love you too, sweetie pie."

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So cute it hurts! [06 Jul 2008|09:15am]

I Loved it! Go see it!
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Are you pondering, what I'm pondering? [01 Jul 2008|11:00pm]
So I was recently asked by a friend, If I could live for something, anything, what would I live for? So while I ponder this, I was wandering, What would You live for?

~Remember Keep Smiling
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This just makes me Happy! [20 Apr 2008|01:08pm]

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Remember Keep Smiling!
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Long Time No See [17 Apr 2008|10:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So I am about to update.....................................................I have only one thing to say:


Remember Keep Smiling!

P.S. They are making a Strong Bad Wii game *squeels*

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Someone shoot me in the face with a bazooka.. [15 Oct 2007|06:16pm]

Hey Kids

So I had a pretty hard day today, well make that a hard semester. School has been insanely tough, but i'm taking "real" classes now. I have been studying my lack of tail off for all of my tests lately and still geting the same results that aren't great, and not really sure what i should do. I really do want to pursue this degree, everything just seems to be happening at once. Before I left for South Carolina, I asked my teacher if I could take the test some other time since I would be driving back the day of the test, and I swear she said I could take it the Friday I got back, but no I was wrong and she wanted me to take it the Friday before I left and thankfully she then let me take it this past thursday. I got it back today and I didn't do great on it, and she was talking to us before she handed us back that for those of us who aren't doing well in this class really need to consider dropping Wedneday, and the first test I did good on, it was just this last test I did bad on... and it just wasn't comforting and it felt like she was talking directly to me for some reason. Well to top off that, last done 30 minutes so I ran to the observation clinic afterwards athursday I didn't know we were supposed to have an hour of observation done and I had only nd they weren't doing observations that day, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Some one asked her if she would take off a grade for not having it and she said no, so who knows what she'll do to me. I e-mailed my Beginning Acting teacher if I could make up the quiz that i missed ( first one ever) and what makes me mad was she's told us she was gonna give it to us like after the first month of school and she decides to do it when I'm out of town. She said b/c I went out of town without an excuse like sickness or death, school policy says I can't make it up. AND THEN... we had to have a monologe, and I was so excited cause I found mine and really loved it. and at first she read it and she was like O that's fine for you to do, then she wanted us to all read ours, and the character's name is Sarah and she is deaf in the play but she wrote down a speech that her husband reads which is what I would be quoting and she said for me to do this part I would have to know sign language......... so now i have to find another monlogue and I was SOOOOO looking forward to doing this one b/c it portrayed how I was feeling in my life at the moment. It just seems like there's tons of things going wrong in each class, and I think to myself is this God telling me I shouldn't be doing this? Is it just because this is my first semester and I'm just freaking out about it? Is this God telling me I need to let something go in my life, since things just keep going wrong? Or, is God trying to tell me that I have to go through this struggle to achieve this, and because it's a struggle I'm doing God's will........... I guess just be in prayer for my A and P test tomorrow I just really need a good grade to keep my morale up. 

Remember Keep Smiling

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[14 Oct 2007|02:30pm]
So it's been a bit since i've updated. Had a whole lotto fun in columbiaville. I honestly just hung out a lot and made those croissant nutella things, I haven't burnt the couch again.. O but I saw Surf's Up was rather cute. I also saw 28 weeks later that was not cuteable at all.. ermmm So be in prayer for my A and P test Tuesday. I got done with Twilight Series.. was tres good. Reading The Golden Compass series now. yeah... O and I'm going to see Art Brute with hayley and kelley!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Remember Keep Smiling!
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Arf, Arf [16 Sep 2007|04:28pm]
Hello my peeps( that would be rachael and hayley and maybe kelley reading over hayley's shoulder)

So yesterday was fun, I got to wear a hairnet in walmart and give out samples of curves ceral/ granola bars.. that was thrilling let me tell ya. we then went to chili's and i ate a lot. Hayley and Kelley came over to do pics for her photography class. Kacie and I dressed up as glittery silver masked gypsies with a mandolin and a guitar and a green glass bottle that has water in but was supposed to look like some alcholic beverage... and we took the pics in corn fields, gravel roads, with cutsie horses, and a rail road track where random people drove by and laughed at us. I then went home and read. I'm depressed cause I just watched the last episode of Flight of the conchords and dont' know what to do with the rest of my life. i really need to study. Dont' worry rachael i'll be beeboopin' my way up there soon..

Remember Keep Smilin'!
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